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Frogspawn and Anemonies...


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I currently have a frogspawn in my tank and i was wondering if i could put an anemone in there with it. Will they hurt eachother??


I have an upgraded nano-cube with 88w lighting.







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I wouldn't do it unless you have a pretty big tank for the anemone to move around and not accidentally bump into frogspawn. Frogspawn and anemone will have all out war if they do get close.


I think a frogspawn might actually be able to take out an RBTA. But that's just speculation.


But the fact that they will hurt each other is a real problem. So be careful w/ this combo.

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thanks tigahboy...


thats what i thought, i just wanted some opinions.


My frogspawn has doubled in size since i first bought him.


Hes almost to big for my tank.



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