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Nano Cube Lighting!


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Hey, saltwater newbie here. I want a 12g or 24g nano cube for christmas and I'll get which ever one I want (the best husband ever), but I see that both of them have the bare minimum when it comes to the lights, only 3 watts per gallon. I do see that nanocustomes does have the 12g retro kits, but I am not a retro kit person and would end up burning my house down. Is there anything else that I can do to get more light in those cubes? Can I have some one make me a new hood for one of those? When can I expect the 24g to have retro kits? I guess I want to start small with a nano cube, instead of starting from scratch for a saltwater tank, I just did that this last year with my planted freshwater, and the money adds up fast, close to a grand just for a 20 gallon. Thanks for all the great help on this site, I've been reading it for two days.

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I've dabbled in the hobby(freshwater) for 15 or so yrs never having setup a reef. I diid so back in oct. 04. I got me a 12g nano & not the dx. Wasn't available to me at the time.. So far upgrading the pump, some locline fittings(to redirect the water with my 404 pump in the the tank from the upgrade & full setup I'm into it for about $450.00!! I never said to the wife anything of the cost.. She would have a crap. I guess you just have to put the cost out of your head. I've just been bitten by the bug. Getting ready to do a 10g. after the holidays. Got half the equipment purchased & in the closet out of site for now.. It's very enjoyable..... LOL

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