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Will a the 96 watt power quad fit over a Mini 7?


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Got a quick question, will a 96 watt power quad fit on a 7gallon minibow? I want to say that I have seen one on that tank but I wondered if any of ya'll have. The fixture is 20 inches long, so it may be a bit long, but is the tank wide enough?

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See the hanging is not too bad since the bulb is really only about 15 inches long. I actually went to sites and found the Dimensions for both. I had a brain fart and forgot I was smarter than what I just acted like.


The dimensions of the MB7 are 17"L X 15" T X 10"W


and the Aqualight Dimmensions are


20"L X 2.5"T X 7"W


So to answer my own question and to provide info for the future,

Yes the 20" 96 Watt Power quad will fit with about 1.5 inches of over hang on each end.

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