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Nano-Cube DX 92w


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I just received the new hood for my Nano-Cube DX from Nanocustoms.com! Its Nanocustoms 3.24 mod with 2 additional T-5's and a R2 Solution Moonlight. My specific lamp configuration follows:


2 x 24w JBJ 5050

1 x 24w Jalli Actinic

2 x 10w Helios T-5 Actinic 03

1 x R2 Solution 5 LED Moonlight


The first thing I have to say is;


"It Looks Great!!!"


I bought the completely assembled hood from Nanocustoms. The workmanship is of top quality and has a factory-like finish. This hood provides all the characteristics I was looking for:


1. Enhanced lighting for the health of my corals

2. Actinic supplementation for great color enhancement

3. Independent Actinic Lamp control for sunrise, sunset simulation

4. Broad coverage LED Moonlight for nightime viewing

5. Everything in a self-contained Nano-Cube DX chassis


The tank has a much more vibrant appearance to it and I can't wait to view it at night. If your a current or future Nano-Cube owner you should take a look at this mod. A friend is borrowing my camera but I'll try to post a few pictures before Christmas. I'm also expecting a couple of new corals next week; a blasto and some blue zoanthids (thanks Tigah).


That's all for now. Thanks Chris!

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Here's my planned lighting schedule:


8am - 10pm 24w Jalli Actinic (14 hrs)

9am - 9pm 20w Helios T-5 Actinic 03 (12 hrs)

10am - 8pm 48w JBJ 5050 (10 hrs)

12am - 12am 5 LED R2 Solution Moonlight (24/7)

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Micro-Reefs Aquariums

Hi Larnie,


Congrats on your new lighing. I too am the proud owner of the 12 gallon nano cube deluxe. And I too purchased an upgrade from Chris at wonderful nanocustoms.com. I got the two 10 watt 03 actinics and then I added an additional actinic outside on the feeding bin for 78 watts power.


Anyway, I have decided to upgrade to 102 watts from Chris and need to know if with what you have has enough white light. I've ordered:


1 JBJ 50/50 24 watt


1 Jalli 10,000k 24 watt


1 Jalli True Actinic 24 watt


3 T-5 03 Actinics


I want to swap the Jalli 10,000k for another JBJ 50/50. Do you have too much blue, or is it just right. I prefer a little blue than too much white. What is your opinion?



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Hey Mike,


Here's what I think would be good mix of light for my taste (utilizing the stock JBJ 5050's):


2 x 24w JBJ 5050

1 x 24w Jalli Actinic

2 x 10w Helios T-5 Actinic 03

1 x 10w Helios T-5 Daylight

1 x R2 Solution 5 LED Moonlight


Look at the 102w thread that Chris recently posted for a picture reference.




Here would be my suggested order of lamp placement from back to front:


JBJ 5050

T-5 Actinic 03

JBJ 5050

T-5 Actinic 03

Jalli Actinic

T-5 Daylight


This would still give you a deeper water effect towards the front of the tank. The additional T-5 Daylight (ordering mine tonight from Nanocustoms) would add just a little more intensity to the very front of the tank which is slightly lacking in my current configuration.


So to answer your question... I think the amount of blue and actinic light in my tank is good, however, the additional daylight I believe will make it better. This will force me to mount my moonlight on the front of the lighting bulkhead (just behind the feeding door). With a little bit of additional waterproofing it should be a good solution.





Sorry, no pics yet. I'll try to have some up by the middle of next week.


Just in case your interested, my tank has been holding steady at 78.3 degrees all afternoon.

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Micro-Reefs Aquariums



I cannot believe the temp you are maintaining. I haven't been able to maintain that at all because of the extra T-5 outside in the feeding bin. I had to disconnect it until I get my new upgrade from Chris.


Be warmned that if that moon light gives off any heat, considering you state 24 hours of keeping it on might cause your temps to rise. (That feeding bin area traps heat, there is no exhaust for the heat to escape).


I will take your advice on your configuration, except since I already own 3 T-5 Actinics I'll stay with what Chris suggested. In place of 1 JBJ 50/50, I will use the Jalli 10,000K 24 watt. That should give me the white you are talking about needing.


Thanks Larnie, did you see the pics of my 78 watts? There are posted here.


Here is a pic of my current upgrade from nanocustoms.com:


78 watts of power...





Cannot wait to see your pics.....



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Ok, I changed my mind...


After playing around with the light configuration, I now think that I could use a little more actinic light! The key was to move the 5050 lamp away from the back wall. By swapping the positions of the rear 5050 and the Jolli Actinic, most of my earlier observations were overcome. Too much intense light was being cast by the rear 5050 on the back wall (almost like a spotlight). This swap balanced the light out tremendously. So much so that I am now considering a T-5 Actinic 03 in the front position to deeepen the light in this area of the tank.


So here's my new plan (again from back to front):


Jolli Actinic

T-5 Actinic 03

JBJ 5050

T-5 Actinic 03

JBJ 5050

T-5 Actinic 03

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My lighting has been off now for over an hour and the temperature in my tank is 77.7 degrees. That means that the lighting raises my temp just over half a degree... not bad.


This R2 Solutions Moonlight is fantastic. It castes a glow throughout the entire tank, not just a spotlight. It provides a great shimmering effect on all the surfaces. Its well worth its $34.95!

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OK Frank, here you go...


The next four images show the progressive lighting program for my tank.


Moonlight: 24/7



Actinic: Early Morning and End of Day



Actinic+: Late Morning and Late Afternoon



92W: Mid Day



Next week I will take some shots of the tank with a Nikon D70 to show the impact on the tank.

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Took a couple of Moonlight shots with my Sony V1 tonight. I really like how the R2 has broad coverage in the tank. It dramatically highlights the green and orange rics. The pics don't show the amount of glow created on the tips.


Here they are:





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Here's a new aqua-cultured candy cane I picked up today. Its kind of a fluorescent lime green. I was attracted by its compactness and bright color.

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For anybody watching this thread, I restarted my tank overview on another thread - Larnie's Nano-Cube DX 92w - . I've posted a few tank shots there to illustrate my lighing program.

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It would be really awesome if you could give us a step by step of your order to nanocustoms.


A few of us have found their site to be a little difficult to order from.



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Hello Ryan,


Nanocustom's site can be a little difficult to navigate. If someone is interested I can email a pdf of my configuration from the online order page. Just pm me or send an email.



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For those of you who have been contacting me via pm and email regarding my Nanocustoms.com hood configuration... Nanocustoms.com has added the "Larnie Signature Edition".




Look for it under their Complete Systems section. This is the configuration I ordered from Chris at Nanocustoms. If you have any additional questions, just send me a pm or email...

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