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highest gph pump...


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I just got a new 24G nano cube, and I want to replace the pump with the most powerful pump that will fit in it. I want to keep the tank stock looking. Does anybody know what are my best options? I know the 24G is a bigger tank than the 12G, and thought i may be able to get much more flow, but i want to use all the stock hoses, etc.


any help would be appreciated.


thanks, Mike


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how do you replace the stock with a maxijet1200? is it fully submergable?, and will its output fit into my stock tubeing? what about suction cups?


thanks again.



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i found it! I got the rio1400 for my nano 24G, and it works great! I think it is the perfect flow for a tank that size. it fits perfect in the 24g tank:)



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(for other folks who are reading this forum)


Rios are not my favorite brand of pump. They tend to short out occasionally, and when they do this they will shock you when you reach your hand into the tank. Having had this happen to me, I can't recommend them.


I prefer the maxi-jets and mini-jets from aquarium systems.



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but it fits so perfect, it seems like it was made for the 24G!, well thanks for the advice, hopefully i wont have any problems with mine.



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eek, not a rio. Not only will they short out, they may also leak oil into the tank (unless they've changed the design). The maxi-jets are much much much more reliable IME.

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i find the new rio hyperflows to be an excellent pump. better gph per watt than just about any other pump on the market and very compact in size. that is of course excluding my absolute favorite pumps, the seios also by rio.

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