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Help me Design my Nano


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This is my first post.


I am an experienced reefer with a 300g system at my house.


I want to set up a nano in my office.


I want to start it right to minimize future modifications.

I don't want to perform water changes (often), so I want a skimmer.

I want to keep softies and LPS, maybe a clam.

I don't want to keep SPS as I don't want to deal with calcium supplementations.


I see 2 options, please critique and add suggestions.


1) Buy a 16g AGA bowfront, or a VIA Aqua aquarium

get a CPR backpack (or other skimmer)

Metal halide pendant (icecap?) 70w or 150w


2) Or buy an acrylic setup from acrylicman




-get his best lighting system or put in my own metal halide with his fan (he said halide may melt his acrylic)


-I think I prefer to get glass over acrylic (scratches) also, I prefer a bowfront type of feeling


Please help with suggestions.



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Also a clam will use calcium, not as much as a tank of SPS, but enough where it isn't going to be "carefree".


Water changes in a nano are not bad. Compare doing a 2-4 gallon change on a 16 nano weekly to a 30-60 gallon change on your 300g or do you not to water changes on that?

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Even with a skimmer, you're still going to need to do often water changes. I don't think the skimmer will take out the nitrites...


Truth be told, since you need to do weekly water changes anyway--I don't think a skimmer is worth it for anything less than a 20 (at least from all the nano reefers that I've spoken to). But that's just my .02

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an acrylic hood is not a good thing for a halide, you would want to do a custom hood out of wood with lots of cooling or a pendent.


a setup like your talking about would not be to hard to do.


If you kept a low fish load and alot of live rock you can get away with fewer water changes, but 15-20% every 3-4 weeks would be the limit.


you dont NEED a skimmer but if you can get one, it helps.


only other thing i would recommend is an auto top off. This will take alot of the work out of the equation and makes weekends and dosing alot easyer.

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thanks for the help

now, with a little more reserach, i am thinking of the following setup:


16g bowfront

aquamedic oceanlight 150W Metal halide pendant

2 maxijets for flow

HOT skimmer (precision marine, bakpak--recommendations?)

hang on back filter (hagen) to use carbon or a hangon refugium


any critiques, comments or suggestions



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only thing i dont like about bakpaks is the rio pumps..they are loud. I would replace them with maxi-jets if you do get it though.


also you might want to look into mini or micro jets, maxi's are a bit large for a 16g.

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