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Clam in 24 gallon nano?


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ok im wondering how much lighting ill need to retrofit if i want a crocea or maybe a maxima in the 24 gallon nano cube. it comes standard with 72 watts so that 3 wpg. THANX:P

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I have a 25g nano w/ 130w pc, and I put my 4" derasa and 4" squamosa at the bottom of my tank, and they seems very happy and the colour seems even brighter then when I first got them from liveaquaria about 1 month ago. and I feed them everyday w/ plankton.

happy clam keeping.

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crocea's and maxima's are the highest light demanding clams that you can buy, i wouldn't recommend anything less than a 150 watt MH system for them.


with a squammy or derasa you could get away with PC's, but i'd say that having clams in a nano is already pushing the boundry of your clams being happy and barely surviving...

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I think a crocea is about the only nano appropriate clmm available due to their 6-7" max size. However, as Vic said, the require MH lighting. Derasa's and Squamosa's both get too large for nanos.



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