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Not a coral


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This is a strange gowth. Might need a marine biologist for this one.

this started out as a orange soft growth that came with some florida rics (from dr. Mac's...thank you dr. mac)

but this thing has been growing and growing. it doesn't move it has only taken this shape that looks like a shield or shell.


anyone have any ideas???

it isn't effecting anything but I just wanted to know what it might be.


also anyone have recommendations on what to feed rics...


I had fed them brine...but they don't eat them anymore.

I have read zooplankton and mysis shimp...


anybody have any other suggestions...

thank you.

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Its a type of bivalve. I have one in my 5.5 nano. Harmless but freakish looking. I feed all of my ric's mysis and small peices of fresh frozen krill. THEY LOVE IT.

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