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These Skimmers ok??


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Found a web site HERE and the prices they have on thier protien skimmers seem...well darn good.


I'm a believer in "You get what you pay for" though so am asking if anyone has had experiance with this brand?


Debating on whether or not to go skimmerless or return the biowheel I have ordered and get a skimmer.


Search engine shows just how devided this community is on the subject..about 50 / 50


If I can get a quality skimmer at these prices..then...I'm goin with a Skimmer.


Thanks for your imput gang!



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DUH..I just did a search for Aquatraders on here...reading them now.


No need to reply to this thread....I'm sure I can find the answers in there.


Lesson kiddies...search search search! hehe

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