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JBJ nanocube 12g/24g Second Edition


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I was on the horn with JBJ today and they told me that the Second Edition is to be released early next year with the 12 and 24g models getting the updated, gasketed, much more efficient to cool second editions.


He said that the 24 g will have the same splashguard revision as the 12g DX. Hopefully they will hit shelves by Jan.



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For those who havent followed




The second edition is the DX with a revised version of the splashguard, and a reworked, cooler breathing canopy.


I have been able to squeeze up 102w(in hood temps 120F vs 126F in a Stock DX) in it and I think it has potential for a 5.24 or 6.24 system.


I am working with JBJ to secure my allotment of the SE's and hope to get them before Jan.


Lets cross our fingers..

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mark- I think the best way to "get" rid of your first edition is to sell to a OG owner who may want it. That way you can recoup some of your investment into the SE hood.


The other option is to buy an SE DX and sell the original DX hood/tank as a complete unit.


I will be offering the complete SE hoods on my site when they are available.


emokid- I'm going to JBJ tomorrow and poke my nose around. Ill keep you guys clued in.



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Help me clarify what I have. I checked the box and it lists mine as a 24DX. It has 2x36 watts lights, cooling fans. Do I understand correctly that there is gonna be an improved version of this?

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CANT JBJ just make the ultimate tank and leave it at that? instead of making new versions all the time. damn its like mobile phones. you fork out $200 and then an annoying person goes an realeases yet another design.

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kinda like computers, buy it and its outdated.


bogeydog - Yes the SE is not out yet and is a newer version than what you have, why JBJ would want to come out with it right after christmas...thats anybodys guess. not the brightest idea but im not heading the company.

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They were pushed to bring a product to market before testing. As most 12g DX owners know, these things run hot.


Its the classic Mercedes Benz syndrome, where a company trys to grow too big too fast by releasing a diverse product line. The problem is, quality is way down..

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Yeah but right after christmas there really is no point to push a non-tested product. the economy spends no money after the holidays. but we are here to talk about our slimy scaled friends, not the economy.

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JBJ isn't changing the hinges from the DX to the new SE, right? So if I have a DX now, I should be able to upgrade my hood to the SE without having to repurchase an entire tank, right?

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I spoke to JBJ yesterday and they admitted nothing about the SE. They said that they just released the DX in December so why would they change so quickly. I dunno.....

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Well, I got them.. They dont really manufacture these units, so they "get" what they get from BOYU.


The thing you also need to understand is that I am a dealer, so I get/see/observe things about their different releases that others dont. I wouldnt classify myself as the foremost expert on this product, but I definately put my hands on them everyday and can just about tell you the location of every bolt, screw and wire in the canopy..


There are currently 2 units in the USA. 1 belongs to me and the other belongs to larnie, a user here and the first owner of the 92w series.




If you are challenging credibility, you must consider that JBJ didnt know what i was talking about until I showed them... This may explain why they dont know...


Also, are you referring to 24g DX or 12g DX. I havent seen the new 24g, but was told by my JBJ rep that it is going to be revised as well..


I'm not trying to give you a hard time. Its just that it seemed as if you were challenging my credibility.



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No challenging credo, just was pointing out the JBJ wasn't letting the secret out. I actually called them with a stand question.


Will I be able to procure the new hood for an existing tank?

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Yes, and no harm, no foul. To be honest, i think they are trying to avoid an onslaught of people wanting to upgrade to the new version...


Although I work with them, my primary objective is to develop the best products possible. That means your gonna get straight talk.


I will be offering the second edition hoods as part of the upgrade kit for the 24g.. Im expecting (i'll choose words a little more closely.) that the Second Edition will be in the February Order.




ps.. sorry for the confrontational response. I just spend 2 hours at the UPS depot... Sometimes leaves you a bit edgy..

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