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Interesting Amphipod found in my fuge


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Just FYI:


I noticed a large .25 inch amphipod in a clump of chaetomorpha on the sand bottom of my fuge. It was darting out of the clump, grasping small broken pieces of chaeto from nearby and dragging it back into the larger clump. Closer examination revealed that the amphipod had made a kind of tube nest out of chaeto and is living there.


It turns out that it is a species called Corophium volutator which is common in marine mud flats in England. It is also called a "mud shrimp." All my live rock is Carribbean, so it must have come in with my chaetomorpha.


Here is an enlarged model of it:






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I don't think I've got any grammarus in my fuge. (I have a 15 gal nano display tank with a 10 gal fuge at the moment.) I have a lot of the larger species pods though, no idea what they are, but they are different sizes and kinds. I feed them a pinch of finely ground flake every week and they are multiplying.


I found a like-new 29 gal tank sitting at the curb in front of a house in the neighborhood during bulk pick up week. (I hope that is why it was out there :D) I'm kicking around the idea of using that 29 as a refugium for my 15 gal nano display tank. I'm probably going to do it, what the heck. I don't want to use it for a display tank because I don't want to spend the money stocking it.

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