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Green Toadstool Leather help


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I've had this guy for about a month now, he's in a 10 gallon, high flow tank, 70W MH and 28w Actinic, about in the middle. When the lights first come on, he extends all his polyps. After about an hour or so, he starts to pull them back. He'll leave 4 or 5 out of 30 out at any one time for the rest of the day period until lights out when they all retract.


Is this normal, or is he still aclimating to the light?

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Aclimating to the light more than likely. Mine did that for 2 months when I moved it into my 29 from my 5.5. ( went from pc to halide.)

now it about a foot tall with an 8 inch cap when it is fully expanded.

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It seems to be staying open longer now - for about the first two hours. I'm going to wait it out - as long as it looks healthy I don't want to move it.

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