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Nano cube owers pls help


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I am trying to figure out the ballast wiring color code. I picked up a nano cube used, like the one here , though it only holds 9 gals of water.... The hood / light was given to me unassembled.


I've got three wires from the power cord:

1 brown- w/ push-on female terminal (I can see this must go into the switch)

1 yellow w/ green stripe- ring terminal

1 blue- bare


The ballast:

2 red- 1 push-on female (switch) 1 screw down connector

4 lamp wires- 2 white w/ green stripe 2 whiter w/ red stripe - is there an order these are connected to the lamp?


Thanks guys/gals



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Hey joe


For the power plug, the polarity doesnt matter, the Green is the ground and is screwed between the heat sheild and canopy..


For the wires coming out of the ballast, the colors are right next to each other, ie from left to right RED RED GREEN GREEN


Thats all folks



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