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fire shrimp molted


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hi all, my fire shrimp molted. I was wondering if I should remove the old exterior or leave it in the tank. I remember hearing that some creatures eat their old shells. I saw a hermit crab do this and i was wondering if a fire shrimp would do it too.

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Alot of things will eat the molt but its not always a good idea to leave it in the tank as it will rot away or something will eat it and poop. Either way its adding nutrients to the tank that you may not want. I always syphon out any shrimp molts that I see.

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Originally posted by bowfront26

i leave it b/c im lazy.  its a skeleton so i dont think it will rot.

hahah, i leave mine in too... i think they usually disintegrate after 2-3 days... it somehow gets eaten up or just disappears :)


my pair of fire shrimp molt about once a month and i always leave the molts in the tank. im sure it does no significant harm :)

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