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What is your favorite type of fish?

Christopher Marks

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Gobies are my favoite fish. I have two purple firefish (technically dartfish, iirc, but closely related to the goby family) and I love them. They're active enough and cruise the tank, and add almost zero bioload. To drive this point home, I've fed my tank maybe 3 times in the last six months. The firefish live off of pod larvae, so I don't end up adding lots of nutrients to my system through feeding.



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Hawkfish may not be the prettiest of fish, but their personality is by far the best to me. He'll stare me down sometimes to the point where I think he's gonna jump out the tank and slap me silly!

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I liked my Bi-color Blenny when I had one. He was always an active guy. He would follow my head around the tank, and always keeping eye contact with me. I returned him to the lfs after he grew about 4 inches long for a smaller Randali Goby. The Goby is out of sight most of time, and I kinda miss my Bi-color Blenny. I voted for a Blenny.

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Wheres the best sections of all, Puffers and Tobies?


I want a recount... :) You can't vote for a favourite group

without listing them all.


Wow what a surprise....not... lots of people voted Clowns! ;)

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i like mandarin fish the most. theyre so graceful and elegant. theyre not REALLY gobies, but thats what i put cuz thats what theyre probably considered...

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Im a huge fan of sharks, but thats what i studied in college ,there are only a small select few that can be kept in aquariums and there not for the beginer. Sharks also need large tanks with lots of room to swim and cover to feel safe and hide in for the ones that can be kept in tanks.

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