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What is your favorite type of fish?

Christopher Marks

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Blackened Redfish with a side order of otsyters CHILLED mind you, cocktail sauce must has alot of fresh horseraddish, in fact ....oh uhhhh wrasses, basslets, eels. on your list, Gobies.

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I love how clown goby's just perch not all high strung bouncing around. People that arent into tanks will look in my tank then after a minute go holy crap is that fish dead?

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Angel Higuera

I love the oddness of Angler and Frogfishes. Cant wait to put one in my tank soon. They get my vote for the nano.


If I had to choose a favorite fish overall, It would be a deep sea viper fish., though no one has ever kept one in captivity.

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Clowns all the way. Pair up easily, absolutely beautiful, fun to watch, hardy, easily hosts with anemone, not aggressive. I would recommend a clown to anyone and everyone.

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Blennies! ! ! In my opinion, they have the most personality! Both the bicolor and the lawnmower. I havent had much experience with other types.


Clowns are a close second though

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My vote is for the Six Line Wrasse (or wrasses in general).


The sixline in my tank is curious about everything, very active swimmer and quite social. Great fish !

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I voted clown, but i also enjoy my Basslet, the Royal Gramma, a lot too.


PS: those votes for tangs, I hope, HOPE, are in large than nano tanks.

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tangs need between 4-6 ft of swimming space to be ideally happy. 26 gallons is torture! (tang popo 5-0 fuzz woop woop po-lice)


Im surprised fairy/flasher wrasses werent listed. why is groupers up there? there is no such thing as a dwarf grouper for a nano! Most dwarf angels still need 30 gallons to be happy, tangs is a no brainer. The poll should be redone for next month :


ARG!! i hate clowns!@!!@!@! I work at a LFS and all i hear is "nemo nemo nemo!" the kids say it like they are robots, or are possessed with the pixar virus. its horrible, especially when customers ask "do you have dori? i have a 7 gallon 'curved' tank and i want to get a couple of doris. can i get a scarface too?" aaahhh!! just shoot me now.

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