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little problem


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my mom bought 3 chromis today as a suprise for me in a 10g that already housed a 6line and a perc clown and the store she got them from doesnt accept returns on fish will the fish be ok until the begining of january when i get a new tank?

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5 fish in total? I say no. I think 3 is pushing it, IMO. Im no expert but that sounds like your bio load is going to be very high. I have a 20 gallon with 4 fish and I think that's considered border line, again IMO.

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Why do moms, distant relatives, family friends, aunts, and gf's always seem to buy folks fish as a surprise? And why do only those that have such luck live in areas where LFS's don't take back fish? One of life's mysteries.


Chances are, there will be another LFS nearby that will take the fish from you. These are cheap fish, no big deal if you don't get a refund on them. Heck, post em up as "free to a good home" on nano-reef and other message boards and ppl will come and take em off your hands. Better than losing an entire's tank worth of livestock over a few fish. Just take them back, dude. These aren't hard to find fish. when you do upgrade your tank, they will still be around.

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