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I have now purchased the following test kits.


- Ammonia

- Nitrites

- Nitrates


They are the Aquasonic brand test kits, come in a blue box.


Are these a reliable brand?


and should i be purchasing any other test kits?

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Angel Higuera

You need a PH test kit too.


Not to sure about the quality of that brand. But im sure its good to monitor your new-tank cycle process. I like salifert or seachem personally. Allways have good test kits-especially when your tank is done cycleing. Aquasonic might be a good brand but I never used them. But it's good if you just set up your tank IMO.

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Never heard of Aquasonic. General consensus is that LaMotte and Salifert make the best hobby grade test kits. What you test for depends on what you want to keep.


Bare necessities - Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH and alkalinity.


If you plan on having corals then IMO you should also get tests for calcium and magnesium. If you plan on dosing Iodine/iodide then you should get a test for that too.


You'll also need a way to test the salinity of the water you use. Hydrometers are cheap, but not always accurate and can be difficult to use properly. IMO you'd be better off getting a refractometer.


Good luck.

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