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new 1.5 gal


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well i bought myself an early xmas pressie to put on my desk at work.


10 inch glass tank

HOB filter

9 watt PC light


so far its got a bit of sand, some dead coral skeleton (red tubipora) and a few chunks of LR rubble from my other tank.


Im trying to decide if i should add more LR and let it cure (there is cured rubble in there atm) or just to go for it and get some rock with shrooms on it... if ive only got cured stuff in there already and add rock with corals on, im hoping to minimise a cycle


my plan for the tank at this stage is a mushroom garden with some sexy shrimp. any suggestions for other corals i could keep under this light? i know its only 9 watts but the tank is only like 6 inches deep ??? would gsp or xenia work?


no pics yet sorry!

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update on my little tank


-lingwendil, the circulation is quite low but im not sure on how much my HOB puts out. i would call it a 'mild current', although by placing the gsp near where the HOB dumps the return, it would be quite high flow in that area of the tank... and would certianly be direct!


ive added 1kg or so of live rock, and a couple of shrooms.


my tank seems to have cycled very fast - ammonia is near 0. top off has been really easy - hardly any evap (less than on my nano cube i think!)


i have a 'sea hare' who hitch hiked in and has grown at an exponential rate. im undecided what to do with it as yet but will see how it goes. at the moment its doing a great job of cleaning the cyano and other algaes that have been growing (but not from my glass!)


pics to follow soon, ive taken them but need to get them onto the computer at home


still not sure what im going to do with this one.. im going to the LFS for a browse tonight. i think i might pick up some more shrooms - they seem to be doing really well.



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And keep the sea-hare away from filter intakes with a sponge or cover.


And get ready to get rid of it when it starts to starve.

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thanks all for the feedback


carinya, the light is 'extendable' and the end pieces slide in and out to fit any tank size. its great.


roadkil, the evap is amazingly little. i only need to add a cup or so to top off after the weekend (thats about a 1cm drop in water level)


bk, i know the sea hare will need a new home soon (btw it was a hitch hiker, i wouldnt buy one, even though they are cool). ive been trying to find out if its compatable with the inhabitants of my 12 gal - im a bit concerned the coral banded shrimp might mess with it and cause it to 'ink'. i know that eventually it will get too big though, i have found local sea hares bigger than my hand. and even in the 12 gal it may not have enough algae growth to sustain it (unless it eats nori.. )

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Originally posted by newbiecarlz

carinya, the light is 'extendable' and the end pieces slide in and out to fit any tank size.  its great.



newbiecarlz, where did you purchase the extendable light?



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a mushroom garden with a yellow clown gobie would be sweet... if you want to get those shrooms realy growing be sure to use as much carbon as possible and get the tank temp above 80 degrees F... roughly 26.666666666666666666666666666666666666... degrees C

add coral vital or combo vital for a month and watch your shrooms duplicate... as the babies start growing up underneath the big shrooms cut the big ones off and lay them in the sand... after a week set the base (which should be weighted w/ agronite) into a crevice in the rock... your tank should be full in about 4-6 months...

btw shrooms like a lower Ph

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thanks for the shroom advice BH Project, ive got some REALLY nice 'fluffy' shrooms.. mmm wait till i get the pics, they are brownish with green tips on the fluffy bits.. coolest shrooms ive ever seen


Carinya, i got the light in australia (but its probably an asian import), ill have a look at the brand on the box and give u what details i can..


Tank has been going well, my sea hare did manage to get sucked into the teeny tiny slots on the HOB intake (RIP Sea Hare - did u jinx him BK?), its a pity cause he was just getting to a size where i was having to make a decision about him, and i was leaning towards taking him back to the wild (they are locals around here).. poor little guy *sniff*


aside from the fluffy shrooms ive added a baby CBS (seem to have a thing for these - i love the one in my 12gal) and some nice blue/violet shrooms too.


I know, Pics Pics Pics!! ive been waiting for an opportunity to take some without my co-workers thinking ive gone nuts.. well they know im nuts, but i dont want to give them any more proof..

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thanks jennie, im not done yet!


This one shows my cbs and shrooms, and below the cbs near the substrate is a patch of the most awesome macro, it started growing from nowhere (its on a piece of LR from the filter area of my 12 gal) and is a beautiful irridescent blue/green colour (dont know if you can really tell from the pic though). I think its a local dictyota species..

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Thanks so much for the light info. I imagine it'll be tough to get one sent over here but a girl can try! I really like the look & extendability.



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no worries carinya, good luck with finding one, try www.ebay.com.au ive seen them on there occasionally


jdav, the tank is a really ordinary looking standard glass box, its about 10inches long. cheapest tank my local aquarium shop sells, in fact you could make it yourself i would imagine.


the tank is doing well, ive just moved back to uni for my final year so am thinking i will put the fluffy shrooms into my 12 gal. they dont seem to have settled very well, probably the 1.5 fluctuates too much, and the rock they are on is just too big to position well.


im thinking ill give this little tank to the boyfriend to keep in his room.. he luvs the coral banded shrimp

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