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Newbie light question...


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I am planning on setting up a nano reef really soon.


All thoses beautiful pictures really got my hoocked !


I just bought a 5.5 gallon tank and looking for some good lighting system.


I want to have some soft corals in there...


Would 2 fixture like this (total 36 watts) do the job ? Is this consider medium-high light ? It's 6.5 watts per gallon.


Coralife Saltwater 9" Mini Aqualight-2 x 9W




And just another quick question... Do you need to put a anemone in the tank if you choose to keep a clown fish ?? Is that mendatory?

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I have a clown and do not have an anemone. you do not have to have one to have a clown. Anemones are really for more advanced hobbyists.

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