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Green Star Polyps and Super Glue?


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I have a small mat of green star polyps (about a doxen polyps total) What is the best way to attach them to a new piece of rock, Superglue Gel ?


Thanks for any advice.

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Superglue gel- a reefers best friend.


With decent growth, GSPs will cover their mount in no time flat, no to mention taking over any rock within shouting distance.:P

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what kijnd of super glue do u guys use? ive looked for stuff, but all the glue that i find is ' not for underwater use' or ' not for use under wet conditions or conditions with high humidity.' the glue that i find that is waterproof needs to set for a minute or so, and i think this is too long for a coral to be out of the water....

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Superglue Gel has worked great for me. I've also used a couple of rubber bands. Just get a small rock put the gsp mat on it and band down the sides. Remove bands when attached.

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Corals can be out of the water for at least minutes at a time. Of course every coral has its own requirements, but I've had good luck with softies and SPS's and had them out of the water for easily 3-5 minutes including prep time and drying time.



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I tried zap gel, so far so good. Apply superglue gel to coral, then apply coral with gel to rock in the water, hold it for 1 minute, done.


Most of my corals are not glued down, they are just sitting on the rocks, and has attached itslef. When I got a mat of gsp, I tore it in half, stuffed some in one hole, and another in another hole in the rocks, a month later, it has attached itself.

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yeah most corals will attach. the marine bond is made for bonding under water and safe for the fish. it does leave an unsightley white spot but the coral eventually grows over it and it is fun to watch. i know a guy who does this professionaly and thats what he uses and what i used for mine. its nice because its kinda like underwater concrete.

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