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5 Gallon Nano reef


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Hi, I have been looking at alot of these nanos online and getting more interested everyday. I have a 5 gallon flat back hex tank that was purchased at walmart awhile back. It use to have a male betta in it. The tank is empty now. I have a brand new penguin mini bio wheel filter, 25 watt submersible heater. I'll probably need to buy a small powerhead or will the penguin mini be enough circulation? I have a question about the lighting though. The top of the aquarium has a glued on lid. The opening in the top is about 9" long and 4" wide. I should be able to fit some small pieces of live rock with no problem. It has a light fixture made for a incandescent bulb. The light fits right over the opening. I was wondering would one of those 10 or 20 watt coralife mini compact 50/50 bulbs be ok for some live rock and soft corals? I'm not sure if the 20 watt will fit in the light fixture, might be too long, but it might just fit. if it doesnt would the 10 watt work? I just want a small reef to sit on my desk. I uderstand the more maintenance its gonna take, but im prepared for that. Any info would be appreciated.




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I have a 5 gallon mini hex (Not flat back) and have the coral life 50/50 in it. I have 7lbs of live rock with room to spare. Things are going well so far. I think with any more light on the top I would have a heat problem. With the light on it stays right at 78 degs.

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Thanks for the help. I think the 20 watt 50/50 bulb will fit. The lid on the tank is glued. I'm gonna try and remove it. That way I can get a piece of acyrlic and cut it to fit over the top and can go with some better lighting. I have seen a mini aqualite that is 2x18 so a total of 36 watts. Its also only 12in" long and 7in" wide so it will fit nicely over the tank.

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