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Copepod refugium


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I recently tried something interesting. I used the RED SEA floruish flora base (about 4-5 inches) in a 10-gallon tank in conjunction with an inch or so of live sand, and maybe 3-4 pounds of uncured LR. I read that Copepods and amphipods and all those little guys are "burrowers," and I didn't feel like buying miracle mud. Interestingly, after a few days of running the system with a little but of current and a little DECO ART aquavase light, I noticed the Flora substrate had begun to "dissolve" in the saltwater and became more of a "mud" than a substrate. The top layer of live sand bursted with MACRO, yes MACRO, and some scattered hair algae here and there, probably due to the phosphate levels. In a week or so, copepods had dug little tunnels and were absolutely everywhere, eating whatever I put in the tank (zooplex, macro, micro, plant fertilizer, mysis, etc) and the biggest one I have seen thus far is almost half an inch. He's BLUE! what the hell is up with that? Anyway, i'm sure if couldv'e done this in a smaller tank, so if anybody wanted to confirm this test please go ahead and do so, I didn't patent the thing or anything.:|

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Sounds pretty cool. How much for the giant blue 'pod? LOL!


Is yours a stand-alone refugium? I'm a little leary of doing one in line with a main tank due to the possible leaching phoshates, etc... especially on a nano, where just a little change in chemistry could cause huge problems.


Definitely want to check it out though!




It is a freshwater plant substrate. You can find it



Joe Mac

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mmm..that substrate may be more designed for phosphate lovin freshwater plants- but it may work out ok- stash is right- a fuge is like a phosphate sponge and will rid your tank of it- i believe joe mac may be refering to the spontaneous release of spores from sexual or asexual reproduciton of the macros

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oi, think of how much nitrate and phosphate that chaetomorpha has taken outta your water kogut!! lol. i loved when mine would double in size within a month or two and i would think, damn, that water must be nasty!


having a fuge definetly helped get rid of any nitrates i had. good stuff.

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