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New Suspended Tank


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"A high-performance organic filtration system maintains a clean aquatic environment with minimal upkeep."


Uh huh... Oh! It has LR and LS! That can filter the water!!! (Disclaimer: Do not attempt to stock w/ any fish or you will overload our "advanced" filtration system.) LMAO. Great concept, though.

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Says it's got a built in Freswater Filtration System that "Can be converted into saltwater". I wouldn't trust that too much. I love the tank, though.

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Not too sure if this is the one I saw in cargo magazine but it was 55 gallons the filtration was like some fluval thing and it cost $5,500 cool how the tank hangs on wires

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ok found the ad I saw for these things its in the holiday 2004 issue of cargo mag page 66. The dimensions are 72 inches wide, 30 inches high, and 12 inches deep. it comes complete with filtration heater and even a protein skimmer.

$5,950.00 from ASP space aquariums 1-866-314-4352

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oh thank god! Another Tucson reefer. Man are we scarce? great post. though I feel that tank is way too expensive. It would be cool to see someone DIY and post pics though.

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No the tank is actually real they have the company info and the number to contact. But that being said I also went back in my Cargo mag and saw the outlandish price on it. Hey considering you are in Tucson Ghostbear where do you usually get your coral from. So far I have just ordered from Fragpacks.

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It may well be because its a display picture. some companies will edit out or take out the water filters and pumps etc to kinda hide it and make it look more "tidy" have you never seen it in any aquarium advertisments!???

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lol if a hippo tang gets to 12 inches it doesnt have much room to turn in? 12 inches width, to me isnt big enough in ratio... they shud have made it 16 at least IMO. tis gorgeous however! i want one now! i want a feast! i want a bean feast!lol

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Seems like a nice concept. I am willing to go directly to them and get detailed information if anyone is interested, considering i live in montreal.


I have seen something similar at another montreal lfs.



I think there is a tiny internal filter on the top left of the tank when looking at the pic. Could be wrong. Can't imagine how that's suppose to handle a tank of that magnitude.


Seems a tad (just a tad:P ) out of my price range if that's the

price you guys are quoting.

So, let me know, and once my exams are done, i'll have a look.

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majestic sea life

Yeah more ppl from Tucson like me lol. Hwarang is it true you mantis died if so im realy sorry i remember when u first got it.




P.S Cholla Rules

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looking at that pic Taco03, it looks like they may have plumbed it through the stand (pipe) and run it to that black box underneath.

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That is what i thought the first time that i saw the pics for myself. Haven't really had the time to go inform myself on the matter, been busy moving and setting up two new tanks and all. It would be nice if the water is drawn into the pipes, would permit to have a filtration system setup somehwere else, hidden from the room completely.



What did you think of their 14' tank? I'd love to dive into that think if it were a SW setup...Still a tad far from my place, i vist big als for my needs, sometimes if annoys me that canada is still predominantly run by hagen, at least things are changing.

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