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Dirty Tank....


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My tank is a few months old and it looks like their is a film on top of the water is the normal or not. If not how do I get rid of this. Also my sand bed seems to be dirty is there also a way to get rid of this or a animal that would get rid of it.

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It is quite normal. It is the build up of wastes.


You can but a roll of kitchen paper/towel and drag sheets of it over the surface to collect the scum. Make sure you use one that has no wacky printed pattern or contains and sort of chemical. Or you could install a small skimmer. But by doing regular water changes and dabbing the towel over once a week you can forget the skimmer.


The dirty sand, its difficult to tell what you mean? Detrius? Diatoms? rubble?


I wouldn't worry to much, your tanks still in its embryo stage, most things that make the tank look dirty will dissapear in time assuming you aren't adding anything that will fuel their growth (referring to algae/diatoms).

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Sand beds get dirty..not much you can do about that. As far as the surface scum goes..do you have a skimmer? If not..you may want to invest in one..sounds like you've got plenty of dissolved organics that need removal before they fuel an algae bloom.




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is there any other way instead of building an overflow. Just cause i'm not realy sure on how to build one of these. Or if i have the romm for one

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tigahboy's diamond goby keeps his sandbed very clean. may also consider other sand sifters. overflow or surface skimmer to make sure the surface water is constantly changing. also try powerhead closer to surface to agitate the water. surface skum is ugly but it never killed anything.

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aquaclear aquatics makes a mini surface skimmer that you can hook up to any powerhead which will keep these disolved solids in suspension so that the skimmer can pick them up or you could just connect it to the intake of your skimmer - depends if your skimmer is strong enough to pull well through it, but the surface skimmer is adjustable to pull from the top and the bottom of the unit.

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aquaclear aquatics makes a mini surface skimmer that you can hook up to any powerhead


i've been looking for that but i can't find it anywhere...got a link?



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