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new hallide


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haha, thanks guys, i'm really happy with the way it turned out as well. i'm using a ushio bulb i believe...i threw away the bulb box and i can't remember.

it's a complete do it yourself project actually, i designed and made the hood.

i was a little worried about the heat but so far it's not too bad the highest its gotten is 81 but it generally hovers around 80. i'm thinking about putting a fan pointing at the water in the back to cool a little more though, right now i just have 2 fans cycling the air in the hood.

as for evaporation i'm not too sure what it's going to be like yet as i just started my photoperiod at 2hrs a day mh w/ the actenic on for 10. i still gotta work it up quite a bit before i really know. but i'm not too worried about that, i have a air pump auto top off in the back.

oh yeah, i also got a moonlight in there :)

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