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Cleanup Crew for 6gal?


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What kind of cleanup crew do you guys suggest for a 6gal? I heard peppermints become evil and fire shrimp are kind of evil... i dont want them to eat my snails either. Suggestions for hermits, snails, and shrimp please! Most likely a 5-7 critter crew thanks!

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Skunk cleaner shrimp are the most peaceful in my opinion.


Scarlet red hermits are supposedly the most docile of the hermits as well...but they are still crabs...and like all crabs, they can become feisty if they want to.


I don't really keep snails, so can't say much on that.

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scarlets are notorious for also being sometime very inactive. mine work at night so i hardly see them. they have not bothered any of my snails. personally, i like the small nerite and cerith snails. also if see if can get some stomatella. they will breed in the tank. i got some as hitchers, and now they are all over the tank.

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Sounds good. I want more ideas though! How many crabs do you think i can fit in this thing? Probably only one huh? I want to get a skunk cleaner shrimp, 3-4 ceriths, and a turbo. What was that one fish that cleans up the sand real good?

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Mini stars, bristle worms, & snails.


I do have 1 Zebra Hermit that lives in my 5.5g and he behaves himself quite well, but he's still a hermit and doesn't really belong in a reef tank.

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Mini stars... hmm. I havent really heard people mention mini stars. What are some kinds of mini stars u have in mind? Ones taht DONT eat corals..

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they'll also try to kill fish if the opportunity arises.


for a 6 gal nano, this is what i would get:

2-4 scarlet red leg hermits

4-6 nassarius snails

0-2 bumble bee snails

0-2 astrea snails

2-4 cerith snails

1 cleaner shrimp (skunk/fire)


this is considered an "effective" clean-up crew, u dont need everything but it's good insurance. good luck, hope that helps

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