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Ick and Green Clown Goby


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Guy I got a green Clown Goby about a week ago

He seems to have developed ICK how could I treat it

current stuff in the tank


2 clown

1 lawn mover blemmy

20 astro & turbos snail

2=shrimps cleaner ( skunk) and Perpermint

Sabea Anenome


Can I treat the tank directly or not ?

Would raising the heat help get rid of it also

I have never treated a saltwater tank for this I have done fresh

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if you have no corals you may be able to get stuff from the LFS. I just dropped some chemicals in mine and it took care of it real quick. i made sure it was reef safe and it did not kill or affect anything (except for the ick) .

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I have a small yellow clown goby I got about 3 weeks ago. He developed ich about a week after I got him. I have been treating him with the hyposalinity method and it seems to have worked. Of course this has to be done in a QT tank.


Apparently the snails and other inverts don't develop ich but I'd be worried about the other fish getting it if you don't get him out of there.



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Do not treat your tank directly if you plan to keep inverts and corals.


take your fish out and put them into quarantine tank and treat them in there.


Let your tank go fallow (fishless in this case) for 2 months. Ich will not affect any corals or inverts in your tank so you can leave those guys in there. Ich has a specific life cycle and when they come out of dormancy, to find no fish hosts, they will eventually die off and not reproduce. So to be safe, 2 months is ideal.


Now there are some situations where fish can also get over the ich on their own...so if you don't have a serious case of it, I'd leave your fish in there for now and see what happens. You already have ich in there, so it makes no difference if you take out the fish now or within a day or two.


If your fish get covered w/ ich and they start to have heavy breathing and look ill...do the hospital and treat pronto!

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