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Evolution Aquatics just recently had a very nice sale! I placed my order right away to take advantage of the special. Shipping was delayed one day (due to a death in the family, completely understandable and i was notified). I requested that the package be "held at FEDEX Depot". I was at FEDEX the next morning at 9am and my coral was there waiting for me :) I unpacked the box and there was no damage :) and after a quick acclimation, put the corals in my tank. Many of the zoos were open within 15 minutes. The rocordia looked great almost right away.

I would definitely recommend Evolution Aquatics.




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They come wrapped double bagged, if larger then triple bagged, heat packs x 2 @ 40 hours each wrapped in newspaper, a large bag inside the styrofoam, then the top of the styrofoam then a cardboard box.




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Sorry for such a late reply. EA's packaging is excellent.

Corals are shipped in water, not wraped in newpaper. Double or triple bagged in nice heavy bags. In a cooler with heat packs, in a box.


I got some liverock wrapped in wet newspaper once (Not from EA) at I am not sure I ever got all the newspaper out of my tank.



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