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My first DIY skimer.


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that thing looks WAY complex


if my conversion is right you have abouta 25g tank and 7.5g sump. if so that thing is so overkill its not even funny.


I made this thing which is under 2 feet tall(or about 60 cm) for my 58g and its easily good for 2x that.


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all the top clear parts are on a flange that unscrewes and you can reach down there to clean it if simple rinsing doesnt do it. but the way the skimmer works if anything but the top clear parts are getting dirty its not working right, plus any crap that gets in the bottom doesnt effect it much.

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Hi EnderG60,


mind if you shared schematics on your skimmer? I would really like to learn how to make a skimmer for my 30g and yours looks great...


Don't mean to hijack the thread bowel!





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Mine are pretty simple layouts, just look though the pics in my custom nano thread. its basicly just all PVC bits and acrylic tube.


and damn man that thing is nuts. you have a machine shop or what???:o

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