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tiny floating white hairs


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My nanocube is about 3 weeks old. The cycle has completed and I'm reading zero on everything, including nitrates (which I don't really understand). Just about the time the nitrite levels bottomed out, I started seeing lots of green algae and several types of green macroalgae. The next day, the water column was filled with tiny floating white "hairs". They don't seem to be clearing out, in fact they seem to be getting worse. Does anyone have any idea what these are? They don't move at all on their own, so I don't think they're worms or anything similar. I'm really baffled.

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I just saw the cause of the tiny white hairs.


The lights on the hood go off at 19:00 (it's 22:00 now), so I was sitting in a chair with the room lights on watching the crabs and fighting chochs eat. All of a sudden a jet of opaque fluid pumped out from behind some of the LR - there was a substantial amount over about 15 seconds in 2 or 3 bursts. This fluid immediately broke up and formed into the tiny white hairs I've been seeing for the past 5 days or so.


What I'm wondering is what on earth would be releasing gametes in such a young tank, and releasing such a huge amount? The tank is 3 weeks old tomorrow, and the cycle has only been complete for about a week. In fact, I havn't even started supplimental feeding for the conchs yet. Any thoughts on what it might be?

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Hey Mike...


How long did they last? I just hit four weeks in my cycling and have the exact same thing (my whole aqarium is filled with tiny floating white hairs that don't move). It is sooooo weird!




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See my above note - I think it was gametes being released by something that came in with the liverock. I only saw the release that once, but I havn't seen the hairs at all in the past couple of months.

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