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Old School Nano Cube


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It's been a while since my last post, nearly a year I think. I've been busy with finals and applications and such so I haven't had much time for anything else.

Anyway, onto the update. As some of you may recall, I had a ten gallon tank, 96w pq in a custom canopy (that was pretty sweet if I do say so myself.) well I’ve since moved to SC and I brought my tank with me. Over the recent holiday, I went to NC to visit family and when I came back, my room mate informed me that the tank had been completely shut down since Friday morning some time (a “power surge” or something to that effect) Instead of calling me like she SHOULD have so I could tell her how to fix it, she let it sit and kept feeding the fish. I got back and found the water frigid and stagnating. So I quickly did a water change and hooked up another heater (I think the surge or whatever blew the Ebo I had as it was producing zero heat) and I decided at this point that two things were going to occur:

1. I was not going to leave the tank in her charge ever again.

2. Upgrade, to keep things simple.

So I broke out a gift that I got earlier in the year, a 12g nano cube (isn’t my girl grand?!) And I’ve since set that up. It has everything from the ten gallon; heater, rock, sand, water, inhabitants, everything, but it's running completely stock (keeping it simple.) Also, due to the recent...lapse in judgment on the part of my room mate, I have held off on purchasing any corals until I can find someone more suited to maintain the tank when I am away for any period of time. So here are the specs and pics, along with future hopeful purchases on the part of corals (for the moment, this is a FOWLR.)



COMPLETELY stock JBJ 12 Gallon Nano Cube

Tronic 50w heater


Live stock

12 lbs. fiji LR

20 lbs. LS

1 Red Emerald Crab

2 Bumble Bee snails

2 Nass snails

2 Cerith snails (proud new parents)

1 Red leg hermit

1 Blue leg hermit

1 Blue damsel that I rescued from the parents 20L and attacking Yellowtails.

1 Mandarin Goby (Lucy) who is doing quite nicely on her diet of frozen, enriched, brine shrimp, and zooplankton; fat and happy. And if I find a new home for the Blue Damsel, she’ll be even happier.



1.2 gallon WC every week

Top off with ½ FW every other day

Lights on for 8-10 hours each day (no timer, I need to purchase a new one, but I’m in college so hey.)

Clean the glass twice a week

Clean the sand every other week



Temp – 78-80 degrees F

SG - 1.024

PH – 8.1

PO4 - 0

NO2 - 0

NO3 - 0

NH3 - 0


Old Ten Front



Nano Cube Front









I want to get some nice shrooms, a plate coral, maybe an open brain, and some xenia, but we'll see how the money situation works out.


P.S. I realize there is hair algae, it's coming under control; it always happens when I move the rocks around.

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