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Bicolor Angel


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like any angel you have to take caution when placing on in a reef. they have the potential to nip at certain corals, but some will leave them alone. i haven't noticed any go after shrimp or inverts like a sea apple. you might not want to take the chance of it nipping the sea apple, they will release toxins if stressed an kill everything in your system

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don't try this in a nano... especially with corals.


if you have a 20g or larger it's possible for you to try a cherub angel (maxiumum size of 2.5'' in captivity; still a risk for nipping corals but not as great as the other Centropyge angels), but you most definitely should NOT put a bicolor in your tank if it's a nano...

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ah, i didn't see this one earlier, so i'll just cut and paste what i said in the advanced forum...


Good luck. I had one, he was in great health, and ate flake food in the store. He did wonderful in my tank for the 2 weeks that I had him before he mysteriously died.


They have an absolute dismal survival rate. I knew that when I bought him, but he was so healthy looking, that I figured he'd do fine in my tank (running for 9 months). Guess I was wrong.


I have read that they will also nip at corals, but I never had a chance to observe him doing that in my tank. I think a better choice with the same coloration is one of the forms of C. Argi. Not necessarily the common Cherub Angel, but there are several morphs that look amazing, and they're as reef safe as angels can be.


HTH, good luck.

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haha...I did a double take too when I saw your posting and didn't see uchiha's or mine...thought the mods erased our postings for some reason.


be sure to do a quick search before posting, or else ppl will get confused like us and have to basically repeat what we said in the other. I don't know whose came first, so I'm not directing this comment at anyone specific...just general word of advice.

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