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pc or vho ??


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if i was looking at a pc system and a vho system and both had about the same amount of watts, and same light temps (ie, 10000k, 420nm, 460nm) which would be better?



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Blind Tree Frog

If wattage is the same, and size is the same, and everything is the same have you considered:


1) cost?

2) Life time of bulbs?

3) Ease to replace bulbs?


I think at equal wattage, PC would be preferred but that's based on gut and not hard facts.

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mainly what i am conserned with it light quality (ie how fast will things grow and will they thrive better under one particular type)


those other things you mentioned too, also play as small role, but i am more concerned with having the best growth.

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ok got it all figured out:


according to mike plattela, at the same wattage and temp, vho and pc are pretty much the same.


he still slightly hints though that vho are better for bringing out color in sps, and pc may be more appropriate for softies it seems like.



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I would go vho, uri makes there's with an internal reflector and watt per watt vho is cheaper to replace the tubes and imho you get more life from them than pc my former pc's started to lose spectrum at about 6 mos

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