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Glasscages.com - NEGATIVE

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I am disappointed. After many communications via email with Glasscages, I got a quote, they agreed to make my tank and drill a couple holes. I then called to confirm hole sizes and give them my payment info. He told me, "I'll call you back, I'm busy right now." 2 days later, I had recieved no call, so I tried again. This time I got somebody else, and they said they didn't know where my tank specs were. Things seemed a little disorganized. I said, "This is a little frustrating, can we get it straightened out?" I was kindly assured (by a very nice lady) that I would be called back soon, and I left my cell phone number. I never heard back that day. The NEXT day, I called again to confirm things and give payment info. They had called the WRONG number the day before, which explains why I never heard from them. In their defense, they tried.... but what they called to say was they were so offended that I was "frustrated," the he refused to make the tank. I was nothing but kind on the phone, by the way.

Most businesses attempt to rectify a situation and make their customers feel more at ease and comfortable with the situation. Instead, they just refused to perform the service for which I had already been quoted.

I thought this was all going to work out great, but it didn't. Use with caution, I would advise.


That said, is there anywhere else I can get a tank drilled and overflow made?

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I recently bought a tank from glasscages, and my experience was a little different. I ordered a "stock" tank listed on their website (50long). The lady on the phone verified that they had the tank in stock and took my payment over the phone. My tank arrived very promptly (and intact).


I guess things are quite different when ordering a custom tank, though. I hope they straighten things out for you.



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socalcreation will make one for you. The website i believe is socalcreations.com good luck. Sorry to hear taht things didnt work for you. sometimes businesses can be a PITA to their costums.

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It turns out it was for the better to have been refused service there. I was able to commission firstclassaquatics.com (fade2black --on this board)to make the tank for me. I couldn't be more happy. Customer service was excellent, and he stands by his product, and it was a very pleasant experience.



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