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I am noob to this so I decided to tap the vast knowledge contained here. I have a 10 gal nano-reef. 20 lbs of live rock (including a couple of polyp rocks), 5 lbs of live sand on top of another 10 lbs of crushed coral. I have a 27 watt power compact a penguin 170 bio wheel filter and I am doing 20% water changes every 2 or 3 weeks. The tank has been up for 6 weeks and is fully cycled and everyone is doing well. I am planning on adding a DIY skimmer (plans from here) as soon as the weldon arrives. Cleanup crew consists of 3 red leg and 2 blue leg hermits, 2 snails, and 1 peppermint shrimp. Oh yeah, cant forget about the starfish that was a hitchhiker in the live sand. I have 1 domino damsel and I would like to add another fish or even maybe 2. I was originally thinking about a clown but I am reading that they might not be a good match with the damsel in there. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Well the domino damsel is a very agressive fish, actually one of the most agressive in damsels. Now a clown can be a bit agressive, I guess depending which kind you get. The Maroon clown is agressive. If you ask me I think a damsel and a maroon clown can co-exist with each other. I also have a damsel (dont want it but..) and a Clown, which i like alot and they are cool with each other.

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Originally posted by Cesar

I also have a damsel (dont want it but..)


Funny you say that... I was told to get a damsel to get the cycle started... Now that I look back I wish that I had gotten something else or used another method to cycle the tank. Could have avoided the compatibility issue. I guess that goes back to.... Learn all you can before you start. ;)


Thanks for your .02


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see if you can trade your domino in at the LFS. At big als you can trade him in for some cash back. He only cost you like $3 so why sweat the small stuff, get rid of it (unless you like it, then keep it). Then you can get whatever you want, clowns are fun... they are cool to keep, and can be strange and therefore amusing. Firefish are an option, though I don't like them personally. I like Bengaii Cardinals and a six line wrasse peronsally. I have 2 A.Ocellaris and a 6 line in my 20L, I think it is a good combo. IF you aren't morally onjectionable you could get a fish that was small, wait for it to outgrow the tank then trade it in. Personally I wouldn't do this, but people DO do it... just a thought

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