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Frogspawn spawning?


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I just picked up Aquarium CoralsAquarium Corals and in it, the author mentions that in some Euphyllia, the tentacles may break and become a new bud for another colony. Anyne heard of that? M'nes got a couple small pieces that look like they're about to fall off... tell me what you think:



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the type of budding your referring to is what happens when there is a broken septae inside the colony.. Those are the little walls of skeleton on the inside of the main skeltal body.. The coral will work these broken pieces to the tips of the tentacle where it appears the weight of the broken skeleton pulls a small bit of flesh with it.. Iv seen this method happen and the small droppings can survive. However, in your pic i cant see any sort of skeletal piece inside that area thats twisting off.... If its lacking a tiny piece of skeleton then it probably wont be able to calcify any new skeleton and wont be able to grow.. Iv seen my euphyllids shed tentacles such as yours is and never seen these survive.

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