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Hi this morning I woke up with some Bristle Worm-look alike kind of creatures crawling on my tank. It's larvae size, i wonder anyone have any experience in it and whether is it harmful,a nd how do I remove it? They look like little aliens growing in the tank@

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I think i had the same thing in my tank. I recently had to take down my 20L because these little things spread all over the place. I'm not quite sure what they are, but i know they spread fast and seem to lay there eggs in algae. If you can get a close up look at them, do they look kinda like little shrimp with tons of legs? Just like little white splotches on the glass? If you find out what they are I'm curious to know what they are as well, and how to get rid of them.

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I love it when freshwater folks come over to reefing..lol. Freshwater aquarist FREAK whenever they find anything in the tank that they didn't put there. You are both going to have to chill..lol..in reefing, you're going to find things in your tank all the time that you didn't put there. Some will be good, some will be bad..but you need to relax until you find evidence either way. You aren't just keeping fish in a glass box anymore..you're keeping an entire ecosystem..with all that entails. Relax..you've probably just got pods or snail eggs..




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haha. I tried saltwater when I was in Junior High (over a decade ago). One day I saw a bristle worm and I freaked out and took down my tank that evening. Converted it back to freshwater and cursed those wretched creatures!


But that was really silly of me, and now I respect the bristle worms as members of my reef tank, there to fulfill a role. They are great scavengers and help clean up left-overs.

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Zazie...those were probably pods, which are a good thing. Sounds like you and Tigah may have pulled about the same trick.



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