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Green Algae on tank


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I have green algae growth on the acrylic in my nanocube. I have tried the algae scrubber that comes with the tank, no luck, I tried scrapping it off with my fingernails, no luck, What do i try next? i am afraid of scratching the acrylic, and do not want to tear the tank down to use chemicals. Any ideas?


Also, what do you guys do to control green hair algae? this stuff makes my tank look like a forest, i have been "harvesting" it, and using RO water for water changes, but have not been able to curb its growth. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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yeppers nano cubes are glass

go get a nimble super from nimblenano.com

Very powerful aquarium magnets sold by a "C Jerome" here that wipe out algae on glass. (except coralline for me)


If you are in the early stages of cycling, don't worry about it

otherwise, get a cleanup crew

a single emerald will eat your entire hair population within 2 weeks. they are voracious feeders. Then you can give it away or something because it starts moving stuff around heh

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Tank has been running since June, but i had lots of startup problems, It has been running healthy since about the end of september, middle of october..

clean up crew - 10 small blue legged crabs, 4 snails

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