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DP's Nano Diary


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I wanted to start a diary so everybody could watch as my reef evolves (I also wanted to have it some where so I could watch too :) )


Here are the stats:

10 Gallon AGA

70 Watts 10000k MH

20lbs LS

11.5 lbs LR

2 Azoo palm filters

1 AC101 Power Head


Okay so here is the tank the day I set it up:




1.5 months later I added my first fish, a clean up crew and some zoos. Then BAM diatoms everywhere!




Now that 3 months have passed, I found a GREAT rock that had zoos and a mushroom on it. The LFS only charged me $7.00 a pound and the rock weighed 2 pounds. That $14.00 for about 20+ zoos and 1 nice looking shroom! The diatoms have cleared and I also added a small piece of Acro:





The first zoos:




The Zoos and Mushrooms:




and The Acro:




Its hard to duplicate color with the camera, every thing looks better in person, but you get the idea. Any comments and/or suggestions are welcome and even encouraged!



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