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24 gallon nano (HELP)


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Hey guys,

I need some help?

I want a nano deluxe cube, but cant decide if i want the 24 gallon or the 12 gallon. Money isnt a issue. Any comments or suggestions would help. Also i never had a nano before so any tips or ideas on how to set up, and what i well need for set up would help too


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Blind Tree Frog

Money isn't an issue? go with the biggest that you can afford then (or have space for).


You can always make a smaller one later when you have a big one to steal from.

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The Empiricyst

Wait until the next edition of the 24g comes out some time 2005. It should be considerably improved and save some mod work. I'm sure you can find more details around here.

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Dont get either. Spend your money on a decent glass tank and get it drilled for an overflow. Spend your money on a decent light setup...like a halide pendant or full length PC strip with more watts. Use the money to buy a decent sump return pump in a cheap 10g sump. Use the money for a skimmer to go in the sump, or just make it a refugium. Dont limit yourself by buying a product that limits your choices right off...and needs many hours and dollars of modding to be turned into something you could have made yourself for half the price...

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I agree with undertheradar 100%...If you buy the Nano cube (deluxe or regular) I garuntee that in 2-3 months you will wish you had saved you $$ until you could buy something better (I learned from experience)....


Really to have a successful reef I wouldn't do anything less than 20 gallons and would at least go with at least 150 watts or more (get a 150 pendant Metal Halide) so you could really keep some neat stuff (SPS, clams, etc)...


The nano cubes look nice and all but once you really get in to the hobby you will want a sump/skimmer/refugium or whatever that will make you life much more easy and enjoyable!

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Don't listen to these guys, the cube is good for what it is: a right out of the box, no money wasting mistakes, no PHD required reef.


I've had mine for over a year now and it runs smooth. I have the original non DX with out of the box everything except overflow hashes which cost $0.00. I keep sps and polyps which thrive. It's the easiest setup ever, I use "real ocean" natural seawater for water changes and Chemi-Pure for additional filtration. Never a Problem. No wasted money. No learning curve.

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