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Hitchhiker crab ID please - Pictures Included


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Hey guys, my cycle is almost over, been three weeks already and I noticed last night on my rock a tiny crab just a little under 1/4" eating algae. Its white/beige with some dots on it, anybody knows what it might be ??


Here are some pics...






Last one...



Thanks :)



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wait guys, doesn't anemone crabs filter food and not eat algae? I was thinking maybe a baby emerald, the way it pigs out on the algae. Maybe...turn green when it gets older?

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Niether. I say it may be a porcelean crab. ( juvinile) I am not sure how to spell that as you may have guessed! LOL!

definately not and anemone crab or an emerald though.

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Thats most likely a small crab of unknown or misidentified species known as "rock crabs". Common in LR shipments, may or may not be harmful... I'd get rid of it.

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Porcelain crabs are not problems, they are filter feeders and won't hurt a thing. I however disagree with that being a porcelain/procelain anemone crab. It doesn't have the right shape. If i were you I'd take the crab out before you lose it and it grows into a problem.

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