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150w MH (10K, 14K, or 20K)?


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Hey guys ok, this is fairly easy question for you guys, I have a 15w MH light with 2-65w PC actinics, on a 35 gal hex with 20 lbs of live sand and 60 lbs of LR. What I want to know is, what kelvin rated bulb should I put in there, 10k, 14k, 20k? Also how high above the tank should I hang this light? I do have a 120w heater,chiller on the system. The light fixture does have fans.


Also I have Stability Bio by seachem. I'ver been using it for a month, I opened it up the other day and it stinks like death. Almost like ammonia. It doesnt say on the bottle to refigerate after opening. Does anyone know if this is ok or if its gone bad?


Thanks guys,


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I'd go with 10k on the bulb, reason being the lower the k the better the growth...the higher the k the better the look. You have the blue end (looks) covered with your 2 x 65 watt which will balance any yellow/white from the 10k bulb which will give you the most growth. As for height I would start between 6 - 8" above. On a narrow tank you don't have to worry about the spread of the light so the closer the better as long as you can manage the heat. In regards to the Seachem stuff I have no idea.

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if you have actinic, i would say either 10k or 14k.


i personally like the blue-ish color, so i would pick 14k, but i think it's a matter of preference...

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well, 10k is better for growth and 20k is better for coloration. since u have supplemental actinics, i would say go for 14k (somewhere in between).

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Thanks guys, anybody know anythign about Seachem's Stability product, it stinks like hell and I'm worried that its like adding Ammonia to my tank.

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Throw the stinky crap away. I have never even heard of it, but I would imagine that since it has signifigantly changed in odor that it is gone really bad.




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It is not true that 20k is only good for aestethics. Corals that grow in the deeper environments in the ocean only get that type of light to reach their depth. The 20k bulbs stimulate growth for deep reef sea specimens. I do agree that blue complements the look as well. Goodluck.

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