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Green 'tube' filter feeders


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Just been cycling a tank for about 2 weeks and noticed that these things are really growing fast. They are green, tubular, and seem to be reproducing / growing quickly.


I suspect the rock has come from Far north Queensland [Australia] as per the packing, but cannot be sure.


Any help with an ID would be appreciated.




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I was thinking it may be a tunicate of some kind...


I did notice that they tend to retract on occassion and all of them have what appears to be an 'in' and 'out' tube. Only one tube seems to have what appears to be a set of tentacle like extensions around the rim.


I might have to do a mission to a bookshop. Its got me intrigued, because they are doing extremely well.

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I too think that they are tunicates. The inlet/outlet siphons and retraction when touched are indicative of squirts. If there are any close enough to the glass to see into the siphons then if they are squirts then you should be able to see (with the aid of a magnifying glass ;) ) that the internal structures of these creatures are quite complex.


Since you say that they are growing well then you either have the right conditions for them to thrive (lots of small organic particles in the water etc) or you have lucked out and got a species that is quite hardy (eg. Ecteinascidia nexa).


Best of luck with them.



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