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Nice tank, I'm thinking of setting up my 20L into a reef tank. Did you build the internal overflow box yourself? Also, can you post pic of plumbing and sump. I am interested in how you went about setting it up. Thanks.

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Thanks, Its actually not that clean, the brown diatoms on the sand got washed out or something :)


Saul 1: i ordered my tank from a LFS and they built everything. But if i were to do it again, i would not get a whole corner overflow. Like the ones that dont go all the way down to the bottom, and the drain is in the back of the tank. It frees up alot more room that way. I'll take pictures of the sump and plumbing tomorrow.

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ya you are right it does seem to take up alot of space. I wonder if the internal box needs to be that big? I need to do more research. How is the noise?



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thanks super novice


Saul 1: i dont think it needs to be that big. But I would make the ones that dont stretch to the end, and get like 2 maybe. That way i think its safer. Im not sure about that though

Do you mean the overflow noise? With a durso its pretty quiet, but my durso is screwed up. It wokrs ok for me.

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Sorry, Its a crappy picture, and my durso is crappy. I made the hole too big so i put a toothpic in the hole and it makes it better. My plumbing is just a vinyl tube down to sump and vinyl tube from mag to the reutrn. Pretty plain.

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