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Whats this???- and other pictures of my fish!


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Hey ho, sorry its not really nano, but ive had this brown thing growing on my liverock since i started my 45 gal reef. is it a coral? woteva it is its double the size in around 4 weeks!


also below are my beloved clownfish (one of them taken from 6 gal nano) and my firefish who i take pride in! shes not shy luckily she has about twenty hidding holes but only uses one wen she feels real threatened. bless. ive managed to capture the actual flicking of the dorsal fin in the pick aswell... i think.


PS.i have an empty 6 gallon nano, which is going to be put away soon as a spare tank as im getting a via aqua 15 gal for christmas... over the past two weeks its stood empty with live sand and two small pieces of dead coral rock and a false coral. i have noticed hundreds of pods are now breeding in the tank, is there any way i could transport them to my new 15 gallon when the time comes.??? it sounds crazy but i thought if i could transfer them with the water in the tank, i could get them to breed in my new nano? thanks guys


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splash n flash, dont call me sad, i can tell the two apart therefore they are worthy of a name!


splash is to the right and has like a blob instead of a line...

flash all proper full ines and darker thicker black on the fins..

i take it clownfish stripes may change with age?? hehe then itll be clownfish 1 n clownfish 2!

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Hey Wobach,


Looks great so far... Imo, the brown thing looks like a sponge of some sort. As for moving the pods, you shouldn't have any problem. They are very prolific and any damage you do to the population will recover very quickly, provided there is food and hiding spots in the new tank.

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That looks more like a shroom to me...looks like a mouth in the center but the pic is kinda dark. Does it get bigger and smaller with lights on or off? Is that a mouth in the center?

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That looks more like a shroom to me...looks like a mouth in the center but the pic is kinda dark.
That's what I thought at first, but then I noticed what appear to be valves at the bottom right.
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