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Flatworms / 36 Gallon Bowfront Conversion


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Its been a really long time since I have posted on here, I know a 36 gallon bow isn't a nano, but I prefer to post on here rather than belittled by members of reefcentral. So my question is, I have a 25 Gallon High with all the bells and wistles. My tank has a serious case of flat worms, and I have done a fresh water dip and I have also used flatworm exit to no sucess. So as my tank has slowly become overrun with flatworms and I have tried getting rid of them to no sucess, I have decided to buy a 36 gallon bowfront, my real question is that I am too cheap to buy the stand that comes along with the tank, what alternatives could I use that would be cheaper? the measurements are 30x15x21



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Yeah I am looking for alternatives I could just pick up and use, I don't have time to make a stand something I could just buy and sit the tank on top of!

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The problem with bowfronts is that they do NOT fit on regular stands and need custom jobs hence the inflated stand price. I don't know if there is a cheap piece of furniture out there that can safely support 350 or so pounds. You're most likely either gonna have to shell out the cash or DIY.

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Then I would suggest garage sales. You can find old furniture that will support the weight and you won't feel bad about drilling it for whatever mods you want.

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jay2k2, I had flatworms about 6 months ago and flatworm exit did work for me. I tried following the directions on the box and then found the salifert forum and started doing some reading when they didn't die.


I ended up dosing about 3 times what the instructions state to get rid of these things. This was per the salifert forum, and they stated that there could be an impact on inhabitants, but probably not.


If you are transferring everything to the new tank, there is at least a decent possibility that the flstworms will tag along. A six line wrasse will help in this matter. Hope this helps....


I would never tell you to up the dose, but it's what I had to do to resolve the problem....now everytime I get a frag or something from the LFS, it gets acclimated for 30 minutes and a massive FE dip.


I don't want them to come back...

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