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Return pump for a 50 gallon


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In about 2 weeks I will get my order in at my LFS (50 gallon breeder predrilled, w/stand) and in the meantime I am gonig to set up my 29 gallon sump/fuge. I am going to make acrylic baffles, and I was wondering how thick the acrylic should be, and how much it usually costs. I also am having a hard time deciding what type (brand and model) of return pump I should buy to put in the sump. If I get a decent return pump, I wouldnt need a powerhead on the display tank, right? For obvious money reasons I really would like to eliminate the need to get a powerhead. What type of return pump would provide excellent water condition w/o having a powerhead? If I could get by with using JUST a return pump, but it wouldnt be very efficient for the well being of my tank, I would want to get a powerhead as well (only if I would benefit from this in the long run). I want a good, effecient water flow system that wont cost too much.


Thanks :)


By the way, if anyone has a similar tank/sump setup as I will have I would appreciate it if I could see pics of your plumbing and all the good details ;)

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eheim 1264, 1100gph, silent, and runs forever. For larger I prefer the dolphin pumps. I like to keep my tanks on the high-flow side. My 10g has 600gph going through it (SPS & clams love it). So I would go to say...2000gph through 4 outlets...maybe an oceansmotions 4 way would let you go down to 1000gph.

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