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Child Proof Aquarium


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When I was assembling my new tank in the living room both my kids (2 & 4 years old) started sticking their heads behind the tank and touching stuff.


So I built sides to go on the tank. Both are hinged and locked from the inside with a hook and eye. And I put one of those magnetic cabinet child proof locks. You know that ones that need a magentic key to open.


So far it works great.



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Please excuse the mess but I'm battling Hair Algae right now.


This is an upgrade after my 6G eclipse hood melted a few months ago. :x

So this is everything from my old tank.


But I'm sad to say that my clown died after having had her for three years. One day she was missing and I immediately blamed Bubba the giant emerald crab. I was so mad I almost introduced him to the toilet. But I after looking around I found her behind the tank. I’ve never heard of a clown jumping from a tank before.


After my algae battle is over what are some good inhabitants to add.


Currently I have a neon pseudochromis.

My list of potentials are

a yellow watchman goby

a sixline wrasse,

pair of clowns


But mainly I’m looking for personality and beauty, and the same traits in a girlfriend too.



Or how about a Yellow Tang and a Mandarin.

:P 8)


It's a 29 Gallon Tank

10 Gallon sump/refigium


2) 65W 10K PC bulbs

2) 65w Actinic bulbs


So is that 260 watts of light or 130?

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Childproofing as always a challenge for those of us with young kids. My daughter started to understand that bad things would happen if she touched the water or put anything in the water. The younger ones still don't have a clue

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Definitely NOT a tang. They need a lot more room. If your fuge gives you a heavy pod population you might be able to get the mandarin, but most would probably be inclined to say a larger tank is needed (madarins main food source is pods and you need a lot of live rock to keep up the pod population).


Six-lines are very active, but can be territorail and may harrass more docile fish.

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Yea that's a spray bar.


It's working out pretty well. It tones down the flow from the PH into something less forcefull. I wanted some flow closer to the bottom but direct output from the PH was hitting the rocks and moving the sand all around.


I'm about to redo the spraybar to direct the water more where I want it.

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cool! i didnt realise that. lol out come the magnetic algae cleaners!

or is it stronger than that even? hehe my mum trapped my new algae cleaner on my dads ear last nite.. lol every swearword possible!

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Too be very honesy hair algea or not still a pretty setup ...lol if you just get like 10 sails and a few more hermits puff algea problem gone .. I recommend a spiny urchin.. I have corals mine go ontop of them and quickly moves off.... =) but if you have seen my pics ... you can tell mine was alot worse then yours but now .. I have no algea visable.. ^____^ But you can always tell the lil ones the urchin will eat them >=D LOL j/p dont wanna scar them for life!^-^

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Originally posted by NCNBilly

I find that well placed mousetraps keeps out unwanted fingers.


Yea but then not only are they getting into stuff they shoulden't but you have to hear them cry too!

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