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New tank setup: how long do I have to cycle if I use live sand & cured rock?


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I'm planning on setting up another nano...a 20G main tank with a 20G sump. If I use fully cured live rock and live sand bought from the LFS, how long do I have to wait for my water to cycle before adding anything living? Thanks.

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you have to wait until ammonia/nitrite/nitrate all read 0.


you cannot take your lfs word for it that the rock is cured, transporting the rock can start a mini-cycle.


and you cant test the day the rock goes in and assume if all are 0 everything is great. you might not get a reading for a couple days.








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After I added that stuff, I would wait at least a month AFTER the cycle to add fish. And about two-three months before corals but that's just me :)

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